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Kupo Grip, a leader in professional lighting and grip equipment for the photo, video and cine industry, presents its exclusive collection of professional grip arms, catering to a diverse range of production requirements. Showcasing an extensive selection of arms, each are meticulously designed to support various photo and filmmaking needs, equipment, and setups.

This collection includes articulated arms, flex arms, offset arms, side arms, and other specialized arms, each serving a unique purpose. Articulated arms offer flexibility and precision, ideal for positioning lights and cameras at challenging angles. Flex arms are known for their versatility, perfect for quick and easy adjustments during dynamic shooting scenarios. Offset arms and side arms provide additional reach and stability for equipment. These arms are essential for intricate setups where space and angle constraints are challenging.

Kupo Grip's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in each product. Kupo arms are crafted from robust materials, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding production environments. Provided are descriptions and specifications for each product, aiding professionals in selecting the perfect arm for their specific needs.

This selection by Kupo Grip symbolizes their dedication to supporting the creative endeavors of filmmakers and photographers, offering tools that blend functionality with innovation.


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