Max Arm Kit

Max Arm Kit

CAT #: KG101021

Arms & Brackets

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The same function as the Max Arm with Camera Bracket, but with more standard accessories including the Convi Clamp, Max Arm, Camera Bracket, and Backlite Base.

  • A complete kit that comes with a Convi Clamp (KG701511), Max Arm with Ratcheted Handle (KG100211), Camera Bracket (KG006411), and a Backlite Base Stand (KS040211). 
  • Max Arm with adjustable handle lock for all 3 movements
  • Max arm's thermoplastic friction disc with anti-slip rosettes for improved grip 
  • Backlite stand with 5/8" socket designed for mounting a lighting fixture close to the floor or table

Product Weight: 6.09lb (2.77)

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