Grip Arm Support

Grip Arm Support

CAT #: KG200912


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Generally when you extend a large accessory such a flag or light fixture laterally past the center column of a C stand the increased leverage may be too much for the grip head to bear. In the old days you could rectify this situation using another C stand as an additional support or a combination of clamps grip heads and grip arms.

Today Kupo has developed an innovative solution that rapidly mounts between both the riser section of a Master C Stand with help of either a Kupo 3 or 4 Way Clamp and to a grip arm with the help of the included Kupo Tiny clamp already mounted on the other side of the Grip Arm Support. The Grip Arm Support has a built in ball joint that rotates 360 degrees for infinite flexibility and extends from 22 __ 30.7" (56 __ 78cm). With the addition of the Grip Arm Support the load capacity at the end of your grip arm is greatly increased.

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