Elinchrom Adapter 5/8in F to 5/8in M

Elinchrom Adapter 5/8in F to 5/8in M

CAT #: KG013212


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Spigots on C-Stands booms and various other stands have different lengths causing some heads not to be seated securely. Kupo's adapter for Elinchrom addresses this concern by helping to create a more secure locking mount when placed on stands with different length spigots.

  • 5/8" F Receiver to 5/8"M Stud for Elinchrom Lights
  • Can Position the light horizontally or vertically
  • Knurled 5/8" stud helps prevent head from rotating when tightened
  • 1/4"-20F Thread for additional accessories with a 1/4"-20M Mount

Product Weight: 1.25lb (0.57kg)

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