Pipe Boom Rig

Pipe Boom Rig

CAT #: KG603612

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Also known as “Menace Arm” it is designed primarily to boom the set in order to hold lighting in the desired position while keeping the stand out of the shot by the safest method. It works a standard 1-1/2” schedule 40 pipe (48.3mm). The front adapter of the kit comes with 2 baby pins and 1 junior receiver which allows you to mount lighting fixtures or other grip accessories like a flag or frame. The rear adapter is also welded with 2 hooks for hanging over the sandbags to increase stability of the boom and a D-ring which is for ratchet strap connection to the D-rings of the front adapter and center adapter which are mounted on the grip head. The joint pipe adapter comes with dual knobs for safely mounting while connecting the pipe from two sides. Features the unique captive locking knob which prevents the knob from coming off even if completely unscrewed. The safety wire with Linchipin is attached for an extra level of security.

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