6" Pump Cup with 3/8"-16M

6" Pump Cup with 3/8"-16M

CAT #: KG088611


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Kupo’s new range of pumping suction cups offers a temporary solid light mounting solution on smooth, nonporous surfaces. Each Kupo Suction Cup comes with 5/8" baby pin; 3/8" thread bolt or 3/8" thread socket. This permits mounting small lights; cameras and accessories to windows, mirrors, automobiles, boats and any other smooth, nonporous surfaces. Because of the excellent rubber material with silicon, Kupo Suction Cups can be used at temperatures from -12°- 49° C/10.4°- 120°F. A red-line indicator is equipped in most suction cups warning of any vacuum loss due to adverse shooting conditions.

6" pumping suction cup with 3/8” -16 thread x 5/8” length stud for use with ball head camera mounts.( Supplied with pad protector)

Weight 0.45 KG (1 lbs)
Maximum Load 32 KG (70 lbs)

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