High Baby Roller Stand

High Baby Roller Stand

CAT #: KS300812


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The Kupo High Baby Roller Stand is designed to hold loads up to 26.5lbs at a maximum working height of 13.8' using a 3 riser, 4 section design. The stand features all-steel construction, a triple function universal head and a wheeled base. Each riser is spring cushioned to protect lighting fixtures from a sudden drop if the locking collar becomes loose.
  • Constructed of Chrome plated steel
  • May stand alone with legs folded
  • Comes with casters, making your stand moveable 
  • The stand is assembled by nuts and bolts rather than fixed rivets, to make it easier for maintenance and better for adjusting tightness.

Product Weight: 21.65lbs (9.84kgs)

Max height: 13.8' / 165.4" (4.2m/420cm)

Max load: 26.5lbs (12kgs)

Closed Length: 51.20in (130kgs)

Footprint Diameter: 43.30in (110cm)

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