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Kupo Car Rig Shot Kit

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  • Designed for automotive photographers for the most effective way to rig shot for capturing a car in motion and blur effects
  • Two pumping suctions cups with couplers included for mounting the tube on car Articulated arm, Convi clamp and camera bracket for connecting with camera and tubes
  • Three quick release bottom safety pins keep tubes locked in place
  • ON THE GO EASE: Carrying bag is perfect for storage and transportation
  • Lightweight and sturdy carbon fiber tubes


Kupo's Car Rig Shot Kit is designed for car photographers for the most effective way to rig shot for capturing a car in motion and blur effects. Designed for photographic or video applications from a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera, not only is a sense of speed achieved, but the interesting angles that would be nearly impossible in panning or tracking makes this rig shot a great tool for car photographers.

The kit features a set of carbon fiber tubes that is half the weight and much stiffer than aluminum tubes. The length is extendable from 3.28ft (1m) to 13.12ft (4m) by assembling three male and one female carbon fiber tubes. Three quick-release bottom safety pins are also supplied to make the tubes lock quickly. The mounting solution for the car is provided with two 6in pumping suction cups. Two burger couplers with baby receivers are designed for efficiently connecting the assembled tubes and suction cups. The car rig shot kit also includes a max arm, convi clamp, and a camera bracket for precise positioning of the camera. All equipment is well stowed in the built-in lid organizer of the zipped carry bag which is made from reinforced Double Ply Nylon to ensure optimal impact protection for the kit.


19.23lb / 8.74kg
Product Height (in):
Product Height (cm):
Product Length (in):
Product Length (cm):
Product Width (in):
Product Width (cm):
Product Weight (lb):
Product Weight (kg):
Primary Material:
Carbon Filber
Secondary Material:
Rubber w/ Silicon
Limited Two-Year Warranty

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