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C-Stands & C-Stand Accessories


Century Stands, or simply known as “C” Stands, have been one of the most common types of grip equipment used by the filmmaking industry for decades due to their strength and versatility. Used on its own or in combination with a grip head and grip arm, the C-Stand can be used for mounting lighting equipment plus a variety of light shaping tools and accessories.

All Kupo C-Stands feature a unique base especially designed with three varied leg heights. This enables the user to position, or “nest” the stand bases so that the risers are just inches apart from one another for use in close proximity for mounting of lights and other grip equipment or for easy storage.

The Kupo Master C-Stand with Turtle Base features a unique innovation in the world of C-Stands that enables the still or moving image-maker to open and collapse the legs of the base in under two seconds! The Master C-Stand is outfitted with a patented spring ring locking system that removes all tension from the legs so that gravity does the work for you. The removable base also separates from the main riser section for easy transport. Another advantage of a turtle base is that once you remove the main riser section, you have a junior 1-1/8’’ (28mm) receiver to accept any junior stud or accessory.

The Turtle Base C-Stand features a zinc alloy base casting that's five times stronger than aluminum to sustain the weight of heavy sandbags. It may also be used for low angle shooting for backlites or different types of stands with various extension columns.

In addition to the Turtle Bases, Kupo has the Sliding Leg C-Stand. The Sliding Leg C-Stand features two legs that are spring loaded to open in fixed positions, while the third leg is height adjustable by loosening a locking knob and sliding it up and down the main riser section. This enables the user to raise one leg higher than the others to level out the stand on an incline or uneven terrain. This feature provides optimum support of lights, reflectors and gobos.

Kupo has also designed a Sliding Leg C-Stand with a Quick-Release System similar to the Turtle Base C-Stands. These are the latest addition to the Kupo C-Stand Series, featuring a patent-pending design that allows you to enjoy quick‒release set up and a sliding leg for an incline or uneven terrain. Just unlock the knob of the longest leg so that all legs can be swung to the correct positions in seconds. While the longest leg is doing leveling the stand and the spring-loaded locating pin is engaged, then the middle leg remains in place preventing any sudden accidental tip-overs.


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