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Baby 5/8" Stud, 2.5" Long for 3 & 4 Way Clamp

Baby 5/8" Stud, 2.5" Long for 3 & 4 Way Clamp

Apr 11th 2022

Hello. This short video will introduce you to our 2-½” Baby stud for the Kupo 3-way clamp, 4-way clamp and petite clamp. We'll start by mounting a 4-way clamp to the riser section of a high-roller stand. Press the button to open the clamp. Place the clamp around the tubing you'd like to mount it to. Press the button again to close the clamp. When locked, the button will be in the up position. just turn the tension knob clockwise until it is securely mounted. Just slide the threaded side of the stud into any of the slots on the clamp. turn the locking-collar clockwise to secure it in place. Now mount the light fixture on the stud and you're in business. The 2-½” Baby stud is just one of the accessories available for our unique 3-way 4-way and clamps. When it comes to your vision and your grip equipment, at Kupo we like to say, “Never let go.”

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