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Kupo 4-1/2in Grip Head with Junior (1-1/8”) Stud & Receiver (KG400512).

Apr 11th 2022

Hello. This short video will introduce you to the 4-½” Grip Head with a 1-1/8” Junior Stud & Receiver. The 4-½” Grip Head is a heavy-duty grip head with a Junior pin for mounting and a Junior receiver for lighting pictures and accessories. This is what's known as a lollipop in the grip world, probably due to large 4-½” round plates that make up the grip head. Anybody want a lick? The 4-½” grip head is most often used to convert a light stand with a standard combo head, such as our triple-function universal head on our master C-stand into an overhead stand, which always comes with a lollipop head. The Junior mounting pin allows this head to be mounted into any Junior receiver, such as a turtle base from a C-stand. These large grip heads are commonly used to support overhead frames, due to their increased strength. The Junior receiver gives you the option of mounting any Junior 1-1/8” accessory. Well, that’s a wrap – thanks for watching.

When it comes to your vision and your grip equipment, at Kupo we like to say, “Never let go.”

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