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Kupo Adjustable Gaffer Grip

Kupo Adjustable Gaffer Grip

Apr 11th 2022

Hello and welcome to this short video on the Kupo Adjustable Gaffer Grip. The Adjustable Gaffer Grip is a quick mounting spring clamp that has jaws that can accommodate round or flat objects from 1 to 2-½” in diameter. Just turn a knurled screw under the bottom jaw to change the jaw size for1 to 2-½”. The Adjustable Gaffer Grip has a baby ⅝” stud fixed to the top handle. It also has a removable, reversible Baby stud with a ¼”-20 male thread on one side and a ⅜”-16 male thread on the other located in the top jaw. Once a stud is removed, you are left with a Baby receiver in the top jaw. The jaw is covered with rubber teeth to protect the surface you're clamping to. Let's mount the GoPro to this tabletop using the Adjustable Gaffer Grip. First we'll loosen the lock knob on the top jaw and remove the reversible stud. Now we'll screw the ¼”-20 male thread into the GoPro. Drop the stud into the Baby receiver on the top jaw and tighten the set screw until snug. Well, that’s a wrap – thanks for watching.

When it comes to your image-making dreams, and your grip equipment at Kupo we like to say, “Never let go.”

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