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Kupo Baby 5/8" Offset Arm

Kupo Baby 5/8" Offset Arm

Apr 11th 2022

Hello and welcome to this short video on the Kupo Baby 5/8" Offset Arm. Offset arms laggard offset light fixtures from the stand position. This allows you to hide the stand behind a set wall with a light fixture offset or extending over the top. The baby offset arm consists of a baby receiver with a locking knob on one side and a double knurled baby pin on the other side, and two holes perpendicular to the studs for safety pins. It is 16.25” in length. Let's mount this 1-k furnell on a C-stand over our setwall. First we'll place our C-stand behind the wall and then bag it well to prevent it from tipping over. Next place the Baby receiver on the Baby pin and secure it in place. Now we'll hang our 1-k furnell by slotting the baby receiver on to the lower Baby pin. Now we'll secure the 1-k furnell to the offset arm by using a safety cable. Finally we can raise our riser sections of our C-stand, swing the furnell over a set wall and lower into place. Now that’s a wrap.

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