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Kupo Baby Triple Header

Kupo Baby Triple Header

Apr 27th 2022

Hello and welcome to this short video on the Kupo Baby Triple Header. The Kupo Baby Triple Header consists of a Baby ⅝” receiver on the bottom in the center, and five Baby pins, three on top and two on the bottom. The neck of each Baby pin is knurled to prevent rotation and to lock the light fixture in place. Need the punch of five fornells, but only have one C-stand? no problem. The Baby triple header can mount up to five lights or fixtures and accessories with Baby receivers in close proximity to one another. alternatively, you can remove the tension knob and convert the Baby receiver into a Junior pin. Let's mount five arrow Fornells on the Baby triple header. slide the Baby receiver of the triple header onto our C-stand. Now we will mount the five hotlights onto the Baby pins. Let's start with the three on top. That was easy. Now we'll hang the last two on the bottom pins. perfect. a couple of safety cables to prevent death and catastrophe in the studio. make sure you bag your stand well for peace of mind. Now that’s a wrap.

When it comes to your image-making dreams, and your grip equipment at Kupo we like to say, “Never let go.”

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