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Kupo Baby Wall Plates

Kupo Baby Wall Plates

Apr 11th 2022

Hello and welcome to this short video on the Kupo Baby Plates. The Kupo Baby Plates enable you to mount a light fixture or any other accessory with a baby ⅝” receiver to a flat surface. Using this mounting option leaves you with fewer stands and less chance of tipping. The Baby Plate consists of a flat steel plate with holes designed to secure it to a flat surface with screws or nails, nd the baby ⅝”pin welded directly to the plate for mountain and a knurled recess for the set screw to bite into, preventing it from slipping or rotating. Let's make what's known as a pigeon plate to get your lighting fixture as close as possible to the ground for an ultra-low lighting position. Place the Baby Plate in the center of a wooden base, and use a drill to drive screws into the holes to secure the Baby Plate in place. To mount our elinchrom monolight, slide the baby receiver onto the pin, turn a set screw clockwise to lock in place, and you're good to go. Kupo has Baby Plates with both 6” and 9” studs. Well, that’s a wrap – thanks for watching.

When it comes to your image-making dreams, and your grip equipment at Kupo we like to say, “Never let go.”

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