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Kupo: Grip Arm Support

Kupo: Grip Arm Support

Apr 11th 2022

Hello and welcome to Kupo Grip. My name is Jason Freedman. This quick video will demonstrate the innovative Kupo Grip Arm Support. Kupo has developed an innovative Grip Arm Support that mounts in seconds to both the C-stand;s riser section and grip-on. One side of the grip support arm has dedicated 3- and 4-way clamp adapters. Here we place a 3-way clamp around the riser section of a master C-stand. Make sure both length adjustment knob and the double ball tension knob is loose, and slide not into one of the three mountable occasions. then tighten the locking collar. On the other side of the grip support there is a built-in tiny clamp. just placed a tiny clamp around the grip arm and tighten these screws until snug. Once both clamps are secure, adjust the position of your Grip Arm until it is at the desired angle. then tighten the Lemp adjustment and double-ball joint knobs to secure everything in place. Thank you for watching. When it comes to your vision and your image-making equipment, at Kupo we simply say, “ Never let go.”

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