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Kupo Microphone Boom Holder

Kupo Microphone Boom Holder

Apr 27th 2022

Hello and welcome to the short video on the Kupo Microphone Boom Holder. Have you ever found that the new sound guy may not have stamina or coordination to keep the boom mic out of frame for extended shots, or perhaps you're shooting solo and need a way to support a boom mic? The Kupo microphone boom holder is the perfect solution. The boom is constructed from chrome-plated steel with a machine texture on the surface to prevent sliding and rotation when locked in the grip head, and a rubberized coating on the hooks to prevent scratches and damage to your carbon fiber boom poles. The boom holder also features two super strong magnets, so you'll never lose your broom holder again as it can be stored on the column of your C-stand. just place it in the Baby ⅝” hole of your grip head, place the boom in your holder and adjust the height of your stand. A simple solution to give your sound guy a break, or for solo use. Every production should have at least one of these handy gadgets on set. Now that’s a wrap.

When it comes to your image-making dreams, and your grip equipment at Kupo we like to say, “Never let go.”

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