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Kupo Snap-In Right Angle Pin

Kupo Snap-In Right Angle Pin

Apr 11th 2022

Hello and welcome to the short video on the Kupo Snap-In Right Angle Pin. The pin has a snap-in, or hex pin, on one side for use with both combi-clamp systems, also known as may-fir or super clamps, and the supervisor clamp system. On the other end is a knurled baby ⅝” pin to hold the set screws securely to prevent rotation. This pin also has a hole perpendicular to the stud, designed for safety pins. The right angle allows you to mount your light fixture upright. First we'll mount a convict lamp to our riser section and secure it in place. Next pull down the silver safety button and insert the hex side of a right angle pin into the receiver, and secure in place. Finally we'll mount or mono-light onto the top of our pin and secure in place. Now, that’s a wrap – thanks for watching.

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