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Kupo Solid Steel Right Angle Baby Stud for 3 & 4 Way Clamp

Kupo Solid Steel Right Angle Baby Stud for 3 & 4 Way Clamp

Apr 11th 2022

Hello and welcome to this short video on the Solid Steel Right Angle Baby Pin for 3 & 4 Way Clamp. This Solid Steel Right Angle Baby Pin enables you to mount any fixture or accessory with a ⅝” Baby receiver right side up using a 3- or 4-way clamp. On the clamp mounting end, it features a square notch in the thread with a knurled locking collar for connecting to the 3- or 4-way clamp. There is also a hole drilled through the locking collar for tightening, and a Baby ⅝” neural pin on the other side for mounting your light fixture. To mount the clamp, press the small locking button on top of the clamp opposite the hinge. place the clamp around the riser section and lock in place. Slide the squared end of the right angle pin into the square notch on the clamp and secure the locking collar. To mount the elinchrome mono light, simply slide the Baby receiver onto the baby pin and tightento secure. Now that’s a wrap – thanks for watching.

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