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Kupole Drop Ceiling Adapter

Kupole Drop Ceiling Adapter

Apr 11th 2022

Hello and welcome to this short video on the Kupole Drop Ceiling Adapter. The Kupole works by securing itself between two hard surfaces, using spring tension. Since a drop ceiling uses a frame suspending tiles held in place by gravity, the Kupole adds an anchor point to the top of the ceiling frame that attaches to the top of a Kupole. If you remove the adapter there is a ¼”-20 screw on the clip which allows you to attach any ¼”-20 accessory. Now let's mount our Kupole to this drop ceiling. Close the clips around the length of a drop ceiling frame, close to where two rails cross. turn a round screw clockwise to lock the clips in place. Once secure, insert the stud into the top of theKupole by extending the top section upwards and pulling down the handle to secure in place. use a 4mm allen key to secure the adapter in place via the access hole in the top of a Kupole. These little babies make light work of using Kupoles in office environments. Throw a couple in your grip bag today. Now that’s a wrap.

When it comes to your image-making dreams, and your grip equipment at Kupo we like to say, “Never let go.”

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